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Sewage inspection may be needed as a result of many types of wastewater or sewage spills, Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County is one of our routine testing services especially in LA, Los Angeles. Wastewater or sewage spills do come up unexpectedly, the only good news is that we can often be at the scene with little notice. Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County are easy to arrange and we can schedule you in promptly.

Why Should I Test for Sewage Contamination

Living spaces can be contaminated with sewage or wastewater through a variety of sources, including raw sewage overflows, severe flooding, leaking sewer lines or septic tanks. Sewage Exposure increases the risk of contracting gastrointestinal and other related illnesses., if you suspect that a water source might be from a leaking sewer line, backed up toilet, or drain, and you want to determine the amount of contamination that came from it, then testing for sewage contamination may be helpful.

For sewage testing inspection, our method generally involves analysis for organisms that are called “indicators”. These organisms are considered indicators because they are unique to sewage, more specifically fecal contamination, the organisms are found in high numbers in fecal material. Historically, a number of organisms have been used as indicators, but many of these have fallen out of favor because they can be found naturally in the environment, even without fecal contamination. These organisms are included in categories such as Total Coliforms, and the nicknames Fecal Coliforms and Fecal Streptococci. The best indicators to test for fecal contamination are E. coli and Enterococci, these illnesses are generated in high numbers only in the lower intestines of warm-blooded animals.

There are typically two types of analyses available for Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County, there are pros and cons for each analysis. One is qualitative, giving a present or absent result while the other is quantitative, giving a “how many” result. The pros of the qualitative (present/absent) tests is that a rushed sample can receive results usually within 48 hours, and the test is less expensive. The cons of qualitative is that a positive result gives no indication of the extent of the contamination and only one organism, E. coli, is used as the indicator. The pros of the quantitative analysis are that the results give an indication of the extent of the contamination and that both E. coli and Enterococcus species are used, the con is a longer wait for results TAT (3 days). The presence/absence method should be used after remediation when a person wants to know if the cleaning steps effectively removed the fecal contamination, and/or quick results are required especially if occupants want to reenter a living space. The quantitative method should be used when the extent of the contamination needs to be known (i.e. there is a question as to whether intruding water contains fecal contamination and how much contamination is present) and/or a “before and after” analysis is being performed to determine the effectiveness of a cleaning method.

The best sampling method after remediation is to take a swab sample of almost any material such as wallboard, baseboards, carpet, and flooring. A positive presence/absence test indicates that at least one viable E. coli was present and a negative Coliform Screen indicates that no viable E. coli was detected in the sample. A sample with a positive result indicates that inadequate cleaning was performed and additional cleaning is required. After the samples are received at the lab it will take two days from the time the samples were received to get the results, and our written report is normally available the next working day following release of the results. For Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County contact AIS.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results

  • Sampling does not take very long. For most inspections the taking of several samples would take approximately 45 – 60 minutes.
  • Samples are packaged with a cold pack and sent Fed Ex Priority mail to the lab along with the Chain of Custody form. Once received by the lab the samples are analyzed in 2-3 working days and the results are e-mailed to Affordable Inspection Services, Inc. (“AIS”) for review and preparation of the written narrative report.
  • Normally the Written report is available the third working day following the inspection. In an effort to “go green”, the Report will be e-mailed or faxed when made available unless requested to be mailed.

For reliable Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County contact AIS.

What Happens If I Have Sewage

Depending on the size and type of remediation it can be as simple as general housekeeping or repairs that a homeowner or handyman can complete. The written report issued by Affordable Inspection Services will provide remediation guidelines that will fall into one of these categories:


  • No further actions recommended
  • Improved housekeeping required using normal housekeeping methods
  • Simple remediation required and guidelines will be provided that can be followed by a homeowner/handyman/maintenance person.
  • Significant remediation recommended by a qualified remediation company

Why Do Clearance Testing

When remediation is completed a Clearance Inspection is requested by the remediation contractor. This inspection will protect you from incomplete remediation and provide you with valuable documentation that the remediation has been performed properly. Some advantages of having a clearance inspection are listed below;

  • Verifies boundaries of the remediation, that the contractor remediated all accessible areas in the containment area.
  • Verifies no visible cross contamination from inside of the containment area by inspecting the integrity of the containment boundaries.
  • Verifies quality of cleanliness of the remediation by inspecting for any remaining water stains, water damage, elevated moisture, and of course visible sewage.

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Sewage Inspection Testing in Los Angeles and Ventura County

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